Google searches for db2 terms & DBA job trends

by on May 14, 2012

Have you ever wondered about the popular db2 terms on Google.. How many people are searching for a word like ‘db2 compression’ ? How many people are interested in the ‘Purescale’ technology ?

Below are some of the popular terms on Google search. To get the entire data please visit and search for “db2″ in the keyword tool section

KEYWORD                            NUMBER OF SEARCHES PER MONTH


How can you use this keyword tool in your db2 job? Below are two scenarios:

1)To know the latest trends in db2 . There is another Google tool called Google trends/Google insights which can be used to know about the hot searches in db2 domain.. For example if you want to know how many people are searching for “db2 10″ and “db2 purescale”

KEYWORD                                         NUMBER OF SEARCHES PER MONTH


2)To know about all the db2 error codes that exist and learn about the popular error codes. For example when I searched for “db2 error code” , I get the result as shown below:

KEYWORD                              NUMBER OF SEARCHES PER MONTH

Below are job trends for all the major RDBMS DBA roles:(source–

  • Mysql DBA job market had a steady growth in the last few years
  • DB2 udb dba showed a decline. But when we searched for db2 DBA it showed steady graph
  • Oracle and SQL server showed steady graphs
  • Hadoop , Nosql , Mangodb are some of the latest trends


Oracle DBA job trends



db2 udb dba trends




db2 dba




Mysql dba




Sql server



Mongo db


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